Models for 2021

Models 2018

Models for 2017 Classic, Turist, Boiler

Models 2015 Classic, Gamera, Limited

Model 2014 with custom thermal mass

Model November 2014

Model November 2014

Pellet / Coal Add-on (experimental prototype)

Model Summer 2014

In the biggest August heat we spent rocket into the yard and made blueberry jam … It seemed like two dry branches of pear in which we were in the shade.

Demo on Uzana Polyana Festival

First model produced

Proof of concept model made out of scrap

1 thought on “Gallery

  1. Здравейте! Печката ви изглежда много добре и силно ме заинтригува. Би било чудесно ако направите един клип и всичко това го презентирате в него. Пожелавам Ви успех!

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