Future models for 2017 Classic, Turist, Boiler

Models 2015 Classic, Gamera, Limited

Model 2014 with custom thermal mass

Model November 2014

Model November 2014

Pellet / Coal Add-on (experimental prototype)

Model Summer 2014

In the biggest August heat we spent rocket into the yard and made blueberry jam … It seemed like two dry branches of pear in which we were in the shade.

Demo on Uzana Polyana Festival

First model produced

Proof of concept model made out of scrap


One thought on “Gallery

  1. Здравейте! Печката ви изглежда много добре и силно ме заинтригува. Би било чудесно ако направите един клип и всичко това го презентирате в него. Пожелавам Ви успех!

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