Installation and operation

Basics associated with the installation of the rocket stove

Installation of chimney.

The installation of a chimney is the most common way of connecting the stoves.

Connecting the stove to the chimney becomes a metal flue pipe (chimney), which play the role of heat exchangers. The total length and number of turns (knees) depend on the combined thrust of the stove and chimney.

The main considerations when installing a stove are:

  • fire safety
  • maximum heat recovery
  • practical and aesthetic placement of smoke pipes

Stove and pipes, especially those who are close to it should be a safe distance from flammable materials such as wallpaper, carpets, etc.

Gamera  model is optimised for maximum heatexchange so it must be connected to the cimney with short piping.

Lite model is optimised for connection with thermal mass.

Characteristic for plants with a thermal mass is the long horizontal run of flue pipes.

The important thing here is to leave opening in the beguining of the flue pipes right after the stove and on the first turn (elbow) for cleaning the ash. Note talking about ash and not soot. Ash carried by  gases precipitates in the horizontal sections of pipe and must be cleaned seasonaly.

For installations with a thermal mass is more emphasis on the long horizontal sections and must be careful with the number of knees. It is best to minimize their use and when the installation is completed to make the trial restart.

Thermal mass piping

After a trail run if the draft is good enought can be proceeded with the covering.

Many options are available: cob, bricks, sand, gravels.

Cob bench
Wooden bench with gravel
Wooden bench filled with gravel

Specific features for handling rocket stove


Light a fire may be no small challenge, especially for people without experience. We will limit to basics ignition of rocket stove.

  • requirements for fuel

Fuel is the most important element for starting and maintaining a fire. Burning stove should be done with dry particulate material.

The intensity of combustion is controlled by changing the size and number of burning wood. For example, if we want a strong burning will put more in number and thinner wood. To maintain low combustion will put some thicker wood (usually two). It is better to have a minimum of two burning trees, when one tends to go out.

Eco briquettes are suitable fuel for rocket stove.

Rocket / operation

The note for the fire published here explained what the rocket mode. Also described herein are the characteristics and effects of the chimneys. Now only will clarify that rocket stove enter into operation 15 to 30 minutes after ignition, depending on the intensity of burning. This can be called initial rocket mode where it only the first part of the central chimney is well heated. After some time (about an hour – hour and a half) all internal chimney stove is heated and reaches full operating mode, which is characterized by a slow combustion wood.


Very unpleasant phenomenon is condensation of water vapor on the inside of the pipes. Brown dirty liquid that smells .Condensation occurs when we burn wet or very damp materials in combination with cool chimney. In principle it is possible to burn moist material but the stove must be lit and previously fired with dry wood until well heated pipes so as to prevent condensation. Condensation throughout the operation of the stove is a sign that we have insufficient chimney draft or too long / complex system of chimney.

Cleaning and Maintenance

It is recommended daily to remove ash from the camera. Best tool for that is wooden spoon. When the stove is lit and often briefly accumulate more ash. When burning continuously in normal use can remain very little ash and can be clean every few days.

At the bottom of the stove – inside the metal housing – with time accumulates fine ash. It is better to be removed at least once a year (at the end of the heating season). This is done through the opening for connection of the pipes. Some of this dust invades in the pipes and precipitated. They also should be cleaned at least once a year.

It is not recommended overloading the stove. When occures (red glowing top plate) stop the refuelilng and open the lid for more air.Overburning can leat to distortions in the upper plate. Deformation is not dangerous, but it is inconvenient placement of containers. At the optimum temperature of the surface of the top plate must not exceed 450 degrees Celsius. Stove can be asily overheated if we load highly caloric fuel – dry wood, coal briquettes deep in the horizontal part of the camera. This option of loading (horizontal chamber) is used only for ignition at reduced thrust due to changes in weather conditions.

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  1. I am interested in buying a stove for my 42 m2 wooden house ( wood floor, wood walls). I have a regular wood burning stove and it needs to be replaced. We spoke on the phone and you said you would send me the papers/certificate from The Netherlands to show to the authorities here in Denmark. Thank you.

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