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We are a small company of private entrepreneurs with good thoughts.
Our main incentive is to offer a finished product to people who wish to take advantage of the rocket stove, known mainly in the middle of eco-oriented people, as an option for building a highly efficient wood burning heater from scrap.
We developed a version for the city.

We designed and made two improvised samples which was tested in different conditions (Hissarya / Bansko) for the winter and spring 2013-2014. Based on the strong impressions that this heaters leave in us, we decided to design and begin production of solid, reliable, easy to use and long life product to offer on the market.

Personally, we decided to try to do for ourselves such a stove for several reasons:

  • increasing annual rates of firewood.
  • time and labor consuming operations as cutting, transport, storage and splitting the large amount of wood.
  • progressive air pollution in urban areas with growing consumption of solid fuel.
  • expected difficulties about future supply and prices of gas and coal.
  • the possibility of future self provising of fuel.
  • ease of operation of the stove.
  • the possibility of making transportable stove.
  • and last but not least safe open fire in the home.

This stove also surprised us with incomparable comfort that brings home.

11 thoughts on “Contacts / Order

  1. Изглежда доста ефективна тази ракета.
    По всичко личи, че в навечерието на зимата ще има доста желаещи за загрявка на космодрума.

  2. I was wondering if you’ve considered shipping a steel plate in addition to the glass window for the top of the heaters? The steel plate would be used for cooking.

    1. We deliver worldwide. Still no distributor for UK. He will charge you 30% more. Do You want that?

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