How it works

All Gamera models stoves are based on the principles of the so-called rocket heaters that features “L” – shaped burning chamber.

The fuel is loaded vertically inside the primary combustion chamber where the same processes take place as in regular stove but upside down. The air intake is in the center of the fire pit and the draft leads the air down, around the fuel and inject the flames in the horizontal tunnel on the lower back side of the primary combustion chamber. The low horizontal tunnel leads the products from the primary combustion (heat, wood gas and smoke) to the vertical part of the burning chamber (heat riser) which acts as an inner chimney. It is made of hi-heat resistant material that is additionally insulated. The secondary burn takes place iside the heat riser which heats up to 1000C. All smoke and gases released from the fuel during the primary combustion self-combust here, generating twice more heat and decomposing to 99% CO2 and water steam.


After leaving the heat riser the exhaust gases (99% H2O and CO2) hit the top metal plate of the stove’s body. Afterword flows through the gap between the burning chamber body and the metal corpus of the stove. The metal body acts as a heat exchanger. No burning is taking place here. Because the hot gasses run all around the body they cool down. This leads to excellent heat release on one hand and creates own draft on the other. The exhaust gases leave the stove from outlet withc is at the bottom of the stove with mid temperature around 140C.


The animation better depict what happens in the combustion chamber. Hitting in the heated walls of the heat riser smoke and wood gas  burns and gas remains 99% water vapor and CO2, which wrap the metal casing inside out through the chimney.

Because of its high efficiency the heater consumes 2 to 3 times less fuel and does not produce soot on the flue pipes.

Since Gamera stoves uses relatively thin wood it is not necessary to buy regular firewood. Much cheaper alternatives can be found as offcuts from wood processing industry, branches that are left away or offcut from construction timber. In such cases the cost for heating can be reduced ten times!

Eco-briquettes are exelent fuel also. They are very convenient more caloric than wood given the same volume, have longer refuel period and are cheaper than pellets. Pellet are not suitable fuel!

The core is made from expanded vermiculate 25mm thick. Its maximum working temperature is up to 1100C. It can withstand 1200C for short periods.

The body is made of black steel 1.5mm to 4mm thick. It is designed for optimal heat exchange, durability and weight.

Gamera stoves is designed to last at least ten seasons under normal operation and storage.

Main disadvantage of the rocket heater is the indispensability of frequent watch over.

In its efficiency class it competes only with pellet heaters but it is not dependent on electricity not it is confined to one type of fuel.

Water jacket (boiler) prototype is in development and test stage.

7 thoughts on “How it works

  1. Най-ефективния начин за отопление , учудващо малко оставаща пепел след горенето на дървата , . Когато видях как работи и колко топлина задържа в стаята стана ясно, че всеки друг метод на отопление с дърва е леко казано смешен и нерентабилен.

  2. това е най-добрият начин за отопление, имахме самоделна рокет стоув, топлихме се с нея една година…наистина са много ефективни….вече сме на парно, защото имаме малки деца и бебе, и трябва да палим постоянно две печки, в банята също е топло така…по-удобно ни дойде парното, но пак ще минаваме на рокет стоув, има начин и бойлер да се вкл. към него….

  3. Could you explain to me the difference between this and a regular rocket heater? I have built two and I don’t see a difference. You did a very good explanation of how it works.

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